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Apr 8, 2022

Connor Flynn joins to talk to us about Lake Erie monsters and his recent explorations in Florida.

You can find his book at Amazon: Erie Swamps: Road Trip to Eden

Thanks Connor!


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Jim Harold 0:03
Bigfoot. Nessie. Chupacabra. Are these and other purported monsters the real deal? Are they really not more than a fantasy of those who want to believe? We'll ask those questions on... _The Cryptid Report_.

Welcome to the program. I am Jim Harold, and we are going to talk tonight about _Erie Swamps: Road Trip to Eden_. And our guest is author and researcher, Connor Flynn. He's originally from my neck of the woods, the coast of Lake Erie, and he now resides in the Florida Panhandle. His love for the outdoors and investigative journalism has led him down many paths of strange and unusual things. He has appeared in films such as _ZillaFoot_ and _The Void Cat_, and he hosts a horror themed podcast, and we'll talk to him about that, as well. You can catch Connor in the swamp or on the screen. He stays active in the field, always waiting for a scream. You can follow him on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and/ or visit his YouTube channel _Bigfoot Anonymous_. Connor Flynn, welcome to the program. I appreciate you taking time to be on the show.

Connor 1:12
Man, what an honor to be here. The stars have finally aligned, and it is all meant to be.

Jim Harold 1:19
So, talk to us about your journey, and your interest in cryptid- cryptids, and high strangeness? How did it all start for you?

Connor 1:28
Yes, yes. Being from Cleveland, of course, I heard all about the Grassman. Cuyahoga Valley National Park had Helltown.

Jim Harold 1:36

Connor 1:36
But Bessie! South Bay Bessie, the Lake Erie Serpent. Even the hockey team is named after her.

Jim Harold 1:44

Connor 1:44
But I heard of tons of crazy tales from drunken sailors, to some professors. And then some of my dad's friends told me some cool fishing stories about the coasts. And even over in Canada, we heard about the serpent. So I was always just obsessed with Nessie, and Bessie, and Champ, and then the Grassman was like our connection to the forest.

Jim Harold 2:09
You know, I think about sea monsters, or lake monsters, in this case. It makes sense to me. You know, I, sometimes I'll be honest with you, Connor, I tend to be a little more skeptical on Bigfoot. It's not that I rule it out, but I'm not- but I'm not- I'm not 100% sold. But I still try to keep an open mind on it. But I gotta tell ya, sea monsters and lake monsters? It just stands to reason. There's stuff that we don't know down there. And it seems like every, I don't know? Every couple of weeks? You'll see a picture of some weird thing from down below the ocean. And they may not call it a sea monster, but it sure looks like a sea monster to me.

100% I'm all about the mermaids, the goliath groupers, that get bigger than beetles down there. And then I'm a big deep sea fisherman, so I'm always looking for Megalodon. And down here, now, the Pensacola Serpent, which just connects everything: with the Mississippi River, and then all the lore from the Bermuda Triangle, and all the stuff going missing in the Gulf.

Now, I'm gonna, since it's my area, I'm really interested in some of your stories you talked about in the book, and you talk about fishing with the Lake Erie monster. Can you tell us a little bit about fishing with the Lake Erie Monster?

Connor 3:25
Yes, yes, I went deep sea fishing, mostly for walleye and perch, many times on Lake Erie. And I had my rod bent over and broken by multiple things. And of course, when it's misty and dark, late at night, we blamed you know, Bessie, and the relatives of her serpents. And I had many other strange tales, just walking the coast. Uh, my dad, he was a big football player, like a flag football player. So me and all the other sons of the guys on his team, during tournaments, we'd just go on adventures. And hearing all the tales from, like, older teenagers, and seeing stuff in the wake was always just so thrilling. But then, going up to Canada, and doing some fishing up there. We had strange encounters with _Creature from the Black Lagoon_ type beasts. But when it all burns together, it could be from the same family tree. But yes, I'm huge on Bessie, and then the Clear Lake Creature up in Ontario.

Jim Harold 3:26
Yeah, and the thing is, is that people don't realize, who are not from the Cleveland area-- and I'm sure it's the same way on the other side of the lake, the Canadian side-- that, you know, when you're standing there, it looks like an ocean. I mean, it's big. It's not some little lake. I mean, you go to the beach, or go to one of the fishing piers. And I've fished on Lake Erie a little bit, when I was younger. And you know, it's-- and it can get pretty wild. I mean in terms of, like, the waves, and the wind, and when it's cold and blustery. You can have a day where you don't think it's that cold. You go down by that lake, and you'll find out it gets pretty cold, pretty quick.

Oh yeah. Lake-effect snow. I know that will ring a bell with you. We always heard about that.

Oh, yes. Yeah, absolutely. Breaking my back shoveling snow. (Laughs). But another thing you talk about in this area, this neck of the woods, is the idea of Helltown. Now, maybe people, a lot of people listening, most people listening, are not from your former area, and my current area. But, they've never heard of Helltown. So, you can tell us, maybe, a little bit about Helltown? A little bit about your experience?

Yes, yes. All of us all heard about like _Resident Evil_ and _Silent Hill_, and there is towns down in West Virginia that have had coal mines explode, and they're still on fire. But this is the realist, closest Silent Hill/ Raccoon City that we can get to, and it's Helltown. It's in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, rural south of Cleveland, right near the Akron area, a lot of strange terrain. It used to be pretty much underwater. So there's caves, and huge peninsulas, and cave-- er, uh, cav- caverns that literally might go into middle Earth. But there's a bunch of strange abandoned buildings, and tales of chemical spills, and strange mutants escaping from labs. And then there's a hearse that will chase you out of there. But my favorite is, of course, the Ohio Grassman. And there's been a lot of episodes filmed in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and then documentaries filmed there, too. So when we're looking for just waterfalls, and cool gems inside the creek, we were always keeping an eye out for the Grassman, or these strange other apparitions, or just anomalies that are out there. And I think it's a convergence of ley lines. There's probably electrical frequencies underneath it. And there's probably some connections to missing people that really don't get reported on, because I've done a little deep dig into, like the missing 411 in that area. And it's kind of under wraps. And there's also circus tales of Peninsula Python. And now that I live down in Florida, pythons? Pretty normal, but the tale of that one is it just lurked through the valley, killed everything, was the king of the forest, and it got to like 50-60 feet long. So that was always a fun thing to look for when we're climbing the creek beds. And so it's just-- it defined my childhood. And now that I'm down here in the south, it's just so much a part of me, and I get to be loud and proud about it.

Now, when you think about cryptids, do you think that they are just kind of? I don't know. Are they--? Are they just flesh and blood creatures? Or do you think there's a supernatural aspect to them?

I think a little bit of both, I think they are flesh and blood, but even you and I, our electrons have the ability to become particle form, which is solid, which we mostly are, but also wave form. So in those true moments of being, I think maybe we could become wave form. And those entities, those deities, those beings in the forest, the elementals, I think with training, could probably tap into frequencies like that, and maybe become wave form. But we've also seen it with vortexes. And I also believe, you know, once you pass away, your spirit leaves your body, but you are- you are your spirit, and that's how you carry on, and it's an essence that's within you. And it's the only thing that's eternal. It's the only thing that's ever existed forever, but that's why I'm big on paranormal/ supernatural. What-- we got to bring that bridge so close, because we've all felt love. We've all felt deja vu. We are all just walking balls of electricity. And when we're children, we could sense our parents through-- you-- through the walls, for one, but I'm sure miles away, as well. So I look at ourselves as just balls of energy. So yes, I think it's all connected, paranormal. I think some of it is very dark, out there, and maybe not natural, and maybe not the same energy as us. But yeah, man, I think- I think it's all very flesh and blood. Like, most of it can be killed. At least the cryptid-wise, not- not ghosts and stuff. But Dogman, the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, of course, the reptilians, I think they all can bleed and die. But then there's apparitions, and deities in the sky, that probably are eternal, but so is energy. So it's a- it's a weird conundrum that I'm still figuring out.

Well, you know, what's interesting? I think that's an explanation I'd not heard before, that makes sense in the sense that I asked you well, "Are cryptids flesh and blood, or are they supernatural?" And you said, both, and I- I didn't-- I never thought about it that way. But if you buy in to the fact that we, as humans, for example, have souls. And that you believe in things like ESP. You believe in the idea that we live beyond this flesh and blood. The answer to the question, if it's turned towards us, as humans, as you said, is we're both, so why can't they be both? Which is really something I'd never thought about. So, congratulations, Connor. I've been doing these shows since 2015, excuse me, 2005. And you made me think about cryptids in a different way. That's- that's pretty cool. That's pretty--

That's really cool. And that's crazy to think, that I was probably in seventh grade, you know, taking my study hall time researching paranormal--


Connor 10:42
--and you were a pioneer. A pillar of it. You know, you were probably part of blog talk radio, as well, you know, you call in record and--

Jim Harold 10:50
I knew- I knew about it, but I did not. I did straight podcasting from the start. But yeah, I definitely remember blog talk radio, no question about it. Absolutely remember that. And, "this segment is brought to you by Geritol." No, I'm just kidding. It's like, (old man voice) "ahh give me my vitamins." But no, I appreciate that. And yeah, yeah. And it's kind of cool to see new generations come up and tackle these questions and- and come up with maybe different explanations, or think about it in a different way. Because sometimes I think, when you're in something like this for a long time, you tend to get blinders on. And then somebody walks up and says, "Well, have you ever thought about it this way?" And that's one of the things I love about doing these shows. I always get re-educated. And people give me new thoughts, and think, "Ah I've heard it all. We talked about it all." But there's always a little bit different way to look at it. Now. Another thing I think is interesting. You've done- you've done some exploration and investigation at prisons, what's that been like?

Yes, that is always very thrilling, because it's just warm in a different sense. You can feel the pain. And I hate to say it, even the suffering. But there were good men behind bars, back in the day, that had to survive, and you can feel their pain, and their, just, essence back there. But I was- I was spoiled in Ohio, of course, with Mansfield Prison and then Moundsville Penitentiary, and both of them are very cool for so many reasons. Just because Mansfield is Shawshank, so that is the most famous, you know, cinematic prison ever. And then adding in that it is very haunted. They have old inmates lead tours, I think that is like one of the coolest things. But they also do a Halloween-type thing that they, you know, block off part of the prison, and turn it into a haunted house. And that is super thrilling. But there's other stories around there of like Orange Eyes, a really scary, Sasquatch type, elemental beast. And then there's a couple ghosts there, too. Phoebe Wise, which me and my friend may have encountered in a weird blur of a daze. But also, in Moundsville, is like, that is one of my favorite spots for two reasons. Just because, right across the street is a giant mound. And I am just so magnified to these mounds, probably for multiple reasons, just because the ley lines, the stars, the planets, it's all inside of us. And I'm aware of that. So it's just that awareness. And then also, I believe, and you know, based on the data, Giants had a big part of these mounds and the techniques that were built, and the reasons they were built. And maybe it was to honor the people even before the Giants, so just being there is supernatural itself. But where the prison is located, there was actually a burial mound right underneath it. So there's just that weird ancient energy vibe. And then add in that Charles Manson kind of grew up within those walls, because his mom was a prisoner. And he actually requested to be transferred there later, because he felt comfortable, and he wanted to be closer to his mom, but the warden said, "When hell freezes over." That's my favorite line of the tour, of course. But yeah, those two spots are very, very supernatural. Very scenic. They are in _Mindhunter_, a really cool Netflix show. And--

Oh, that's a great show.

Connor 14:19
--on Hulu. Yes.

Jim Harold 14:21
Yeah. Yeah. _Mindhunter is a great show_. And I think that they said that they weren't going to renew that, which was really disappointing. And then I saw something they might. I hope that comes back. That was really well done show if you're interested in the topic of serial killer- and their- killers- and their motivations, and it actually touched on profiling, and the beginning of profiling, and so forth for the FBI. So fascinating stuff. Now, now that you're down south, what are some of the differences and commonalities you see from the- the American Midwest? How's it different, and how's it the same?

Yeah, it's really cool because both areas are really famous for the Sasquatch, you know, the Grassman, the Minerva Monster, and then right here, the Skunk ape, and then, you know, Ocheesee Pond Wild man, the Cabbage man, the Stump Jumper, the Rod Bender. There's a lot of cool tales, but they definitely vary, as well. Because down here is a lot of Civil War history, a lot of bad, just, times, and you know, but that's brought people together. Up in Ohio, it feels like it was just more scattered luck with, like, Manson, and then all the mounds, and then all the stuff. I got to you know, the-- in the Cleveland area, just with Witches Ball, Franklin Castle, Crybaby Bridges. It's just, I had to tap into it. I feel like, Ohio, I had to go looking for it a little bit. In Florida, it found me. But maybe, I found myself. And it happened to unfold like that.

Yeah, that's- that's interesting. You had to go looking for it in Ohio, and in Florida it found you. So what's an example of where it found you down in Florida?

Yeah, just an example. It's- it brings in just with my book too, because the whole book is _Erie Swamps: Road Trip to Eden_. So Lake Erie, so it's "E-R-I-E." Me and Mark Muncie who wrote, _Eerie Florida_, you know, with three E's, we got a good laugh out of that. I was like, "Hey, I didn't want-- copyin,"


Connor 16:21
But he's like, "No, I knew you were from Cleveland, Lake Erie." It all connected, but Lake Erie down to the Florida swamps. And then the final chapter is, "Road Trip to Eden." And I love that, because a road trip is a physical thing we can do, and the Garden of Eden is a metaphysical or metaphoric place for a lot of people. It's a destiny in people's mind. But I also wanted to show you, "No, this place exists." I believe that there's many Atlantises. Probably many different types of Eden's where life began on Earth. You know, Earth is probably 5% of what it used to be. Jack in the Beanstalk. The Hobbit, you know, they're given us a little bit of clues of our past, but we got to tap into it. But the Garden of Eden, there's a trail here in Florida, where 27 of the 28 trees in the Bible are. And Gofer wood, which Noah used to build the ark, the lightest and strongest wood in the world. One of the only places it grows in the whole wide world is right here. And in the 70s, there was a documentary and a book written by LV- LV Callaway, and he said that there's a 15 square mile area that-- there life began, right here. A delta that broke into four rivers. It's very, very cool stuff. And right there falls Torreya state park where Stacy Brown got his famous Skunk ape footage, of the thermal imaging. That was the main subject of a couple finding Bigfoot episodes, and a lot of other podcasts. It was on Discovery Channels all over the place, the most famous thermal Bigfoot footage taken by civilian ever, but also right across the river is my favorite story. And that's where this all is just magnetized me to it. You know, I- I lived out of my car from Ohio, down to Florida, in Lakeland, and I joined a punk rock musical. And then I survived, and lived, and got thrown into the Florida culture for a while. But then, my mom ended up moving here to the panhandle, and I moved just down the street from her. But we are less than 10 minutes away from Ocheesee Pond, which is right in the Garden of Eden, where in 1873 the Ocheesee Pond Wild man was captured. He was harassing women and children. And then the Native American gatherers and civil war veterans teamed up together, and then circled him around, at an island, netted him, and then sent him to Tallahassee. And then the governor said, "Oh, no way." And he sat at the Chattahoochee Hospital, where they kept him for three years. I'm sure they did experiments on him, and a bunch of testing, and had files on him. But then they said he passed away, and they buried him with a bunch of Native Americans, and then build a building on top of him. My good friend works there and lives on the campus, so I get exclusive access. So I've been looking for his grave. And you know, we know the building that it was built on. But of course, you know, without some advanced technology, we're not going to get a clear reading, but it's very cool to tap in there. And I would love to bring some remote viewers or some people that are very, very sensitive that could maybe get some answers. But again, I think it's just important to raise awareness about the Ocheesee Pond Wild man. Two Egg TV is a local news station or adventure station around here. And they did like a three part series about how kid got kidnapped decades ago there. They found a giant skeleton up in a tree. And then, I've been told that there's been recent sightings up to, like, last week, I just interviewed a new person. So we're just adding to the Ocheesee Pond repertoire. A lot of Native American lore there. And now I've also been told that mummies have been found out there. So I'm really just interested to keep looking and diving into it. And Ocheeses Pond is like nine square miles, and it's cypress, so you have to work with the water levels to get to certain areas of it. So it is an adventure, and it's just an ongoing, very cool wealth of just gold, and knowledge, and stuff that's just beyond thought. And again, I just want to spread awareness of it in the paranormal and Sasquatch world, because it was on the front page in _New York Times_ back in the day, but it seems not many people know about it and Expedition Bigfoot, Finding Bigfoot. They haven't even touched on it, I think, maybe for a reason. But now we have touched on it.

Jim Harold 20:55
Now, the Ocheesee Wild man, wasn't that supposed to be--? If I'm remembering correctly, what some people speculate was a Bigfoot or a Sasquatch, captured in the 1880s? Am I thinking about the right--?

Yup, yup, right here in the panhandle of Florida.

Yeah, interesting. And for that to be obscured, you know, and it's a-- there's also a lot of people who believe, this a different topic, but believe that the Smithsonian had, or has, I can't remember which, possession of bones of giants that have been unearthed. So, you know, I don't want to get too conspiratorial, but we know that science-- and again, I love science. The fact we're talking right now, and we're thousands of miles away, we're talking in real time, we're recording, and I'm gonna release this, and people all over the world can listen to it. That- that's amazing. And that's because of science. So I respect science. But I also know, in any human endeavor, humans are involved. And humans will do things to benefit themselves sometimes. I'm not saying all, but some, will cover things up. They'll spin things a certain way, and so forth. So to say, just because someone has X title, that, "Oh, they're- they're, you know, sanctified, and they can never do anything shady." That's not right, either. You know, there could be people who cover things up. And I mean, you could go back to people who felt that the Earth was flat, you know, or that the- that the the earth was the center- a center of the universe. I mean, it's like people have their agendas. So are- are there cover ups of these important finds of Bigfoot and cryptids and things? And I'm not saying yes, but I'm saying it's possible. It's possible. Thoughts?

Yes, it's definitely possible. I think that I-- there's a moment of evidence, and the fact that it's not widely accepted right now is just the conspiracy. But as we go on day by day, people are getting more- more comfortable sharing their stories. There's comfortable platforms out there that you can anonymously send your story and have it read to people. Or you can call in behind you- behind a- you know, avatar, and tell your story, and have open people that will be there for you. And that's how this started. Bigfoot Anonymous is kind of like Alcohol Anonymous. So you can, you know, feel comfortable telling your stories. I'm- I'm not gullible. I don't believe everything, but I don't write anything off. So when people do have, you know, mind speak, or stuff that happens in their dreams and carries over to real life, I don't write it off as- as fictitious, or too far fetched, or "they are crazy." I'm there for 'em. And I think we just have to up that standard of knowledge. So that way, the awareness is there, and I'm big on that, man. I feel like the credible counselor coming from police, military, loggers, professors, just high level professionals, the people that I've interviewed, the people that you've interviewed, are credible people that have had strange stuff happen in this realm. So yes, I think we do have to just start take taking account and being there for one another, man, yeah. Sasquatch is being wiped under the rug. 1,000,000% I've seen it, you know, on low levels, just things being censored. Expeditions being canceled, documentaries not coming ou,t or having to be re-edited, certain parts not being allowed to be shown. And I've been told that I need to keep it, you know, PG, because I'm big on fairies and Dogman and, you know, energy, and all that connecting. And then I understand that some people are just trying to prove Sasquatch at the simplest terms. And I'm all for that. But we can't say that all that stuff doesn't exist, as well. But it's a weird balance of line that we have to walk, 100%. But I think just upping the standard, and having more platforms, and spreading awareness. They're going to have to start, you know, raising their bar, too. Just let the DNA and the eDNA with the academia and universities, they've heard that researchers have hundreds of samples that are all matching up, and now they're having independent labs testing it. So they're going to try to get ahead of it. And they're going to come out and say, "Oh, yeah, it's a it's a different type of primate or some kind of unknown ancestor." But it's all in due time. And it's very interesting stuff. And I think this is like my church, and my God, you know, we're looking for the descendant of Cain, and the descendant of Edomites, and Esau. And even just our favorite tales, like the Grinch and Shrek, and just even the Abominable Snowman being in Rudolph, or Frosty that- that's for a reason. It's to program us for this future. And I think the time is coming, that you know, we're gonna be one-on-one with chimeras. And these- these deities that were in the rock carvings. It's some interesting stuff, but it's gonna be super heavy, too.

Now, you've seen a lot. You've researched a lot. Whether it's up here, up north, or down south. What's the weirdest thing you've encountered?

Connor 26:33
Yeah, definitely being ran out of the woods by growling creatures counts as one of the weirdest things. I've had strange nightmares that I wake up and, you know, like an elf-type creature is on my chest, pretty much, just like a bad lucid dream. I've also had one that three nurses are holding me down, and they turn into demons. And that was like a reoccurring dream of my childhood. It came back during just hard times in my life. So sometimes these messages from the other side are kind of guidance to getting through real life hard times. But then, just, you know, just the other night we were in Evergreen, Alabama, filming a documentary called _From Fear to Understanding_. And Evergreen, Alabama is the town that loved Bigfoot. It's a documentary that's filmed there. There's a statute (unintellligible), we're getting love at the Waffle House. But my friend Flat Booker he has a lot of crazy stuff happening on his property. Sadly, they've lost a few dogs. They, the- one of the wives, had to move away. The mom's being harassed, and they've had a couple researchers come out, and get some compelling stuff. But Flat Rock is a good personal friend of mine. And it was a long time coming. So Squatch in South Florida, Matt Williamson, myself, and Tyler Houck, outdoors camped out there. And we were the first people to actually camp down the logging road. And you know, I've seen pictures of- of these beings on his property. There's a lot of footage of them banging on the side of the house. And then there's- they have foot footprints that-- 16 to 22 inches. So some of these alphas are- are large creatures, so we're really risking our life going out there. And the first night, Tyler had a firearm, he's ex-police officer. He's really professional and about it. The next night, he went home, and it was just me and Matt, and we had no weapons, no nothing. And something ran past my tent, both of our tents, but my tent, and I had to yell, "Hey!" to it, because, not to really scare it or anything. I was just trying to make it move one more time. So I could maybe sense where it was through the tent. But in the other tent. We'll see all this in the documentary, Matt, he- he had a crazy encounter that he thinks he was either abducted by aliens that night. Because his tent was like lifted up, and, like, wobbling back and forth like a teeter-totter. Or he thinks that some Sasquatch were lifting him up and playing with his tent. But just waking up, and I told him that something ran past, and he wakes up, and tells me that, and then we got some crazy- oh audio from the- the recorders outside the tents. Some whirling and twirling sounds. So just really connecting the dots. Sometimes it's weirder in the moment, you know, things are super strange. But then once you connect the dots of strange sounds, or maybe the trail-cam got something, it just adds a whole 'nother layer to it. But yeah, camping at Flat Rock Booker's house was definitely the scariest and strangest thing. Being ran out of the woods in the Cherokee National Forest and Tennessee campout. I think that was kind of brought upon. Oldbear's Den, he's a YouTuber. He's an old hunter. He was telling some stories. I have it all recorded. It did very well on TikTok. He said that he killed three Sasquatches. He was contracted to kill two of them from a hunter, and then he saved a blonde girl that was about to be kidnapped, and killed the third one. You know, three multiple, three different occasions, or two different occasions. But Janice Carter, who's the main character of _50 Years with Bigfoot_, written by Mary A. Green. Janice's grandfather raised a Bigfoot named, Fox, that he found crushed by a tree, and then Janice, and then the little Bigfoot, Fox, and Fox's kids, all were raised together. And Janice has telepathy, and crazy connection to the Sasquatch. Well the Sasquatch- Sasquatch, told Janice, that Old Bear has actually killed some Bigfoot. So it corroborated the stories. But me and my buddy Tristan, were the two youngest ones of the whole camp out the last day, after big Oldbear's Den is telling his story. And we just had this strange feeling that we're being hunted. We're going to be like sacrifices, the young get backs. And it was just a weird feeling. My buddy Tristan calls it his "spidey senses." I was just-- I had negative vibes. I was just, like, trying to get out of the forest. I was saying negative things. It was just really crazy. But sometimes, it just comes in weird waves like that. And then other times, you know, we've had boulders be thrown behind us on the trail, kind of like a warning to get out of there. And that's a passive way. But once you get into your mind, that's where I start to get a little weary, because I don't like when things come home with me.

Jim Harold 31:39
Well, it's been an interesting discussion, Connor, and we thank you for giving us a kind of a survey of the strange north and south. I'm sure there's so much more to delve into, and I'm sure people are gonna want to do that. Where can they check you out? Sounds like you're on all the platforms, YouTube, and everything. So tell people where they can find you and find, of course, the book.

Connor 31:59
Yes, yes. Thank you so much. You guys can find me on YouTube: Bigfoot Anon. I stay very active on there with, like, a two hour episode each week. And I premiere it. So it's a really nice community. We all chat in there, and it's good friends. A lot of paranormal people come to hang out and discuss topics while I hike, and tell stories, and dive into weird things. I got a pentacle, a serpent video coming out soon ,and then Tate's Hell Swamp, and that's a really cool one too. C.B. Tate got lost in the swamp for seven days. He climbed out and said, "I was just in Hell." He ended up passing away. He saw panthers, and force giants, and made love to a Amazon woman, every night. So it's really crazy stuff, but you'll have to check that out on my YouTube. On TikTok, I release proof of Sasquatch every evening. And I also go live on there a couple times a week. It's really cool. But that one is Bigfoot Anonymous, but if you search Bigfoot Anon, that will work, too. My thing is blowing up. I have 71,000 followers. 100k is coming soon. I'm super excited. I just have to work that into more awareness and, hopefully, a conference of my own and some town halls. But I also am on Instagram: Bigfoot Anon. You can find me on Twitter, and then all the other cool little platforms. My books are available on Amazon. If you search Connor Flyn, "C-O-N-N-O-R_F-L-Y-N-N" you will find it. _Big Brother, Big Foot_, _Erie Swamps: Road Trip to Eden_, _Monsters and Mysteries Around the Corner_, and _Panhandle Pirates_. I've written four, I've got, like, five more coming out. I talk fast, but, man, I type even faster.

Jim Harold 33:53

Connor 33:53
Seventh grade typing class paid off, but sometimes I'll have my eyes closed, and I'm dozing off, and I'll just be keep writing. And I'll read it in the morning. I'll be like, "Man, no, I was on to something." Then I got to proofread it a little bit. But also, you could see my movie on Amazon Prime, _Zilla foot_. It is free on Amazon Prime. It is so bad, it's good. But it did so well online, our SRS cinemas that it got a widespread release. So it's actually at Walmart, Best Buy, and FYE. So if you get a copy, and you see me at a conference, I'll sign it for you. But a movie I'm really proud of, is called the _Void Cat_. It's a werewolf movie slash Splinter cat slash Wild man. I'm the main character of it. We actually had a Sasquatch encounter while filming it. We found a footprint that was really crazy. And then we had electrical anomalies during that footprint discovery. So just connecting all the dots of that and getting it on cinema of a cursed film. Oh my gosh, but that movie is coming out next month on YouTube. And it's going to be like a trilogy or a saga. We're actually filming this Sunday, a Fallout movie, and I play a merchant. So I'm getting some braids in my hair, and I got some cool lines to remember, because I'm going to be trading caps with some raiders, and hopefully they don't try to rob me, because I ain't gonna let 'em get a cent. But yeah, man, I'm just super excited about the future. I'm also going to be speaking at the Southwest Florida Skunk Ape Townhall Conference. Gonna be with Stacy Brown, Mark Muncie, Dave Shealy. Bunch of Legends. It's gonna be so cool. And anybody that knows, they heard me a lot at live. You know, I was one of the featured speakers at the Great Florida Bigfoot Conference and everybody left knowing Conner Flynn is from Ohio: Land to 10,000 mounds, baby, and it's just (unintelligible).

Jim Harold 35:49
There ya go!

Connor 35:49
Yeah. Thank you so much, man.

Jim Harold 35:50
He has a passion for the supernatural. We're talking about Conor Flynn. Make sure to check out his book, _Erie Swamps_," and we're so glad to have had him. And, Connor, continued success, sir, and thank you for being a part of the show.

Connor 36:05
Thank you so much, man.

Jim Harold 36:07
And thank YOU for tuning into the program. We appreciate it. We'll talk to you next time. Have a great week everybody. Bye bye.